Action in the Stock Market; Should you take action too?


There has been a lot of action in the market lately. Should you take action too? If you have been paying attention to the financial news the past two weeks, it is no secret that the stock market has been very volatile. After hitting an all-time high at the end of July, [...]

Action in the Stock Market; Should you take action too?2023-10-23T15:14:00+00:00

Continued Support for Evidence-Based Investing


We talk quite a bit about our investment philosophy and process being evidence-based. What that means is that we partner with firms who study long-term historical market data and investor performance and who help us understand and implement practical academic and industry research that we believe will directly benefit our clients. That evidence causes [...]

Continued Support for Evidence-Based Investing2023-10-23T15:23:07+00:00
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