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We take a comprehensive and personal approach to wealth management that begins and ends with the client’s financial goals and objectives. We will measure success not merely by investment returns, but primarily by progress toward client goals.

Dean Dorton Wealth Management employs an evidence-based investment strategy, focuses on the long-term, and utilizes a “buy and hold” strategy. We will not manage by “feel or intuition” or attempt to time the market.

Your Goals are Our Focus; Your Success is Our Goal

Although the market is always fluctuating, we focus on maintaining consistency and a steady hand in our investment approach.

We focus on things we can control:

  • Minimizing costs (to boost net results)
  • Building a well-diversified portfolio (to minimize risk)
  • Implementing tax-efficient investment strategies (to increase returns)
  • Taking only those risks appropriate for the client and the situation
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Evidence Based Investment Management

We employ an evidence-based investment strategy supported by decades of empirical evidence and sound reasoning.  We build well-diversified portfolios in an effort to manage risk, and capture market returns.

We utilize DFA (Dimensional Fund Advisors) low-cost mutual funds for building equity portfolios. These funds provide us with custom-designed portfolios that reflect our core investment beliefs, and they provide Dean Dorton Wealth Management clients with access to institutional mutual funds not typically available to individual investors. We use individual bonds and short-to-mid term bond funds for building fixed income portfolios. We limit risks primarily to equity holdings and use investment-grade bonds with minimal risk for security and yield. Through our strategic relationship with BAM Advisor Services, LLC (a turnkey asset management provider that provides back-office support and fixed income sub-advisory services), Dean Dorton Wealth Management has access to the individual bond market and the purchasing power to buy at a competitive price.

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