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Market Commentary


Our evidence-based investment approach focuses on investing for the long-term. Portfolio allocations and investments are not adjusted in response to market news or economic events; however, we evaluate and report on market and economic conditions to provide our investors with perspective and to put portfolio performance in proper context. Read More [...]

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Continued Support for Evidence-Based Investing


We talk quite a bit about our investment philosophy and process being evidence-based. What that means is that we partner with firms who study long-term historical market data and investor performance and who help us understand and implement practical academic and industry research that we believe will directly benefit our clients. That evidence causes [...]

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Riding The Elephant: Mastering Decision-Making In Money and Life


A blend of psychology, biology and economics, much of the research on this topic has been around for years. Its application in mainstream personal finance, however, is barely evident. Perhaps a simple analogy will help you begin employing this wisdom in money and life: The Rider and the Elephant.

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